LCSC @ St. Stephen Protomartyr

Saint Stephen Protomartyr Parish Des Plaines, Illinois April 22, 28 and May 6 2017

Praise God!! About 100 youth signed their covenant cards and finished the 3-weekend LCS at St. Stephens last night.

The seminar was culminated with a Dance Party (with live DJ) initiated & prepared by the Parish coordinators themselves. They even had an emotional candle-lit-dance with parents and their youth. Just goes to show that our LCSC is truly.. of the parish, for the parish & by the parish. Another must-mention when we present LCSC to the other parishes.

We ended the whole seminar with a very-thankful Fr. Ronald saying the next LCSC might be for their ‘captive’ spanish-speaking parishioners, most of which where the parents who were there in attendance last night.

So brothers & sisters, please include again in your prayers that a VCCC (LCS in Spanish) truly will materialize at St. Stephens.

God is good!! Ho-Wahh!!

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