CFC-Servants for Family and Life

What is Servants for Family and Life?

Servants for Family and Life (SvFL) is a ministry of Couples for Christ Foundation for Family and Life.
It is a Christian Renewal and support ministry for the empowerment of men.

What does CFC-FFL intend for SvFL?

•An inviting and vibrant community of men
•Involved in evangelization and and social ministries
•Transistion ministry for bachelors and widowers

Who are potential SvFL?

A.Bachelors : Single mature men
B.Married men : Living apart from the wives and children / wives not member of the community
C.Widowers : Spouse passed away
D.Separated : Those whose marriage did not work

How to become member of SvFL

Those who want to become members go through a seminar which is called Christian Life Seminar (CLS). . . Read more….

How do we support each other in SvFL?

After the CLS, those who finished are invited to join a small cell group called a Household. The household is composed of about 4 up to 6 members who meet weekly for encouragement and mutual support in the Christian life, under the direction of a household leader.


The purpose of the household group is to build an environment for the support of the Christian life of members and to provide a means of encouraging and hastening spiritual growth. It promotes brotherhood and friendship. It helps people overcome obstacles to growth and maturity in their Christian life.

The household meeting is held at the homes of the group members on a rotation basis. A typical meeting would involve some time for prayer, a time for sharing or discussion and finally some time for fellowship. It would normally last about 2 1/2 hours per meeting.

Ministry Talks and Activities

•Joys of parenthood
•Solo parenting
•Relating to your children
•How to be an effective house-band
•Coping with loneliness
•Developing manly virtues
•Remaining chaste
•Mid-life crisis